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Glass Shower in modern home

Custom Glass Showers

If you’re constructing a new home or renovating the existing one, we can assist you with the redesign of your bathroom and installing a new shower and glass enclosure. Let us help you ensure that your shower remains a beautiful and inspired centrepiece for years to come. Additionally, we offer hardware in various finishes and offer hinged and sliding enclosures. We can help you design, give you a quote, and install your shower enclosure. 

There are a variety of showers options available, including traditional framed, sliding showers, and modern frameless showers. Our experienced team can assist you in making the right shower choice based on your needs, aesthetic, and budget.

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Our Glass Shower Enclosures

  • Frameless

  • 10mm clear

  • Starfire

  • Obscure

Sing in the Shower!

With our glass enclosures you’ll sound your best and keep the bathroom floor dry.

Glass Shower in modern home
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